Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What others believe

In my last post I told you about a pretty cool assignment, and asked what you believed. I also told my friends about this assignment, and it sort of turned into a game. I thought some of their "beliefs" were pretty funny/interesting, so I decided to share them with you. (Note: some of these were conceived while under influences, and I do not necessarily agree with all of them.)

1. War is wrong
2. Women should have control over their own bodies
3. The spirit of Christmas
4. O.J. Simpson is innocent
5. Miley Cyrus is a boy
6. In President Obama
7. In second chances
8. Children are our future
9. Guardian angels
11. Luck
12. Michael Jackson is alive
13. The death penalty is wrong
14. Democracy
16. Dreaming
17. Human rights
18. Absolutely anything is possible
19. Love at first sight
20. The bible is not divinly inspired

ALSO! The season premiere of Glee was on tonight! If you didn't catch it, defiantly watch it online sometime this week. It's hilarious! The writing is funny, and the cast is lead by the incredibly talented Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele. Everyone I've spoken to so far has absolutely loved it.


  1. I saw Glee too and I love it! They are all so funny and talented - it is about time a nice, well written show came along!

  2. Such a interesting list! Recorder Glee, can't wait to check it out, I love some fall TV!