Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Exhibit Equality!

Sorry it's been a few days, I've been outside enjoying this beautiful weather. On friday my best friend and I decided to go to Time Square and get pizza and sit on the red steps. Normally I hate Time Square; there are too many tourists and people stopping in the middle of the sidewalk taking pictures while I'm trying to get somewhere. But on Friday it was actually really nice. I haven't just sat and looked at it in a long time.

Saturday I spent the entire day in the park with friends. We had a picnic by the pond and laid out in the field.
The weather was beautiful and it was so nice to relax. Central Park is one of my favorite places in the city, and it was great to spend the whole day just hanging out.
Sunday I did a little bit of shopping at American Apparel! I only allowed myself to get one shirt though, because I really need to start saving money. (Oh the life of a college student/actor.) I really like it though. I'm going to wear it to the rally on the 11th! You can buy them online here!
I spend some time Sunday afternoon in Central Park doing homework. I left the park and started to walk down 8th ave. and ran into a street fair! At least 10 blocks of 8th ave. were blocked off and there were tents and carts set up all down the street. There were people selling jewelry, clothes, sunglasses, purses, art and food! I spent about half an hour there and ended up buying some bracelets and rings. After that I took the subway (The 1 wasn't running between 34th and South Ferry this weekend=major pain in the ass!) down to Tribeca. Sunday night was Exhibit Equality, one of the events I talked about in my last post. It took place at Space on White; a really cool art gallery like space. There were different artists works all over the space, and all of the artists were there too to talk about their work. There was also a performance piece that took place 3 times throughout the event. 3 AMAZING people sang while 3 people danced. The choreography was done by Billy Griffin and it was FIERCE!

I met so many fantastically talented Broadway actors, and so many cool people. Everyone was so incredibly nice and loving. It was so inspiring to be in a place where everyone has love for everyone and they're all working towards one goal. The main point of this event was to promote the rally in D.C. that's happening in 2 weeks! Read this for more information if you want to go to the rally or get involved.

Tomorrow I'm flying to Pittsburgh for a few days. I'm working at the G20 and catching up with some friends. I'll probably catch up on my commenting while I'm there and blog more consistently. I feel like mainly right now I just write about things that I've been doing, and while my life is completely fabulous I feel like there is more I can talk about. So what do you guys want me to write about? Give me some suggestions and I'll do a post on it!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, darling!


  2. What a wonderful weekend! The G20 sounds very exciting! Have a safe trip!